Thursday, April 30, 2009

Err its the end of the month... already!?

where has this month gone!? I can't believe its the last day of april already!!.... Seriously... the rate at which time is passing is beginning to scare me a bit~~ Someone once said to me... the older you get the faster time passes... scary!! So what have I accomplished this past month...
I took finals... and I'm guessing I passed them all... because I did receive my report card it in the mail... and it was...acceptable~.... I took the last of my necessary NCCAOM board exams... and I passed that as well... I submitted the last of my paper work to be licensed in NYS... and the initial paperwork for my NJ license~... I talked to ThePinkCLoud (Laura)... about my business logo and such~... I talked to my parents about my plans to start my business... I checked off- speak in front of 300 people+ off my life to do list~... and... I have now reached the end of april... and possibly the last real day off before I start my Spring...and final semester of PCOM (massage program~)... woohoo!~
Some photos...
Happy birthday to my cousin Hannah and my mom who aged the day before I did... I treated my family to a night at Medieval Times... which we enjoyed~ the food was better than expected... but that may have been because we were at the 8pm show~ by the time it all started... we were starved! The Black and White Knight won... which according to my sister... he always wins~ but it was a fun something to do~

Pattern: Juliet by Sarah & Rachel
Yarn: Malabrigo- Worsted
Colorway: Buscando Azul and Azul Bolita- about 2.5 skeins of each
Needles: Size 10 1/2 Knit Picks Harmony Options
Notes/Mods: CO for size S increased 17 times (rather than 16) because the arm holes were too tight
Beginning lace pattern- I had 116 sts OTN… I decreased down to 109 which is inbetween the XS and S~
used: this website to calculate where to place the decreases~ (very clever)
Mina asked for a pocket on the sweater... Basically I knit 12 stitches (what would make the lacey portion of the stitch pattern Row 1) onto waste yarn… I slipped those stitches back onto the left needle… and continued in pattern… The next row is purled back (row 2)… and then row 3 i just knit those 12 sitches… because I thought it would make the structure of it all stronger than if I continued the lace pattern just yet…
Continue as normal…. After the bindoff… I picked up the stitches from the waste yarn (26 stitches in all) on the inside of the sweater…. and… joined in the round.. and knit 2 rows (Originally I was going to purl the stitches on the back of the pocket and knit the front portion (to help the join (of pocket and front of sweater) to fold over… but I forgot~ then I purled until the pocket was as long as I could make without it poking out the bottom… Kitchnered shut~
Handwashed in Soak- it took DAYS to dry! (i need a sweater drying rack)... and... The PinkCloud crochet me the button connectory thingies~ DONE.

Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park
Yarn: Tofutsies by SWTC in the Feet First (#790) colorway
Needles: Blue Sky Alpaca DPN Size 0
Notes: CO 80, after 16 repeats of the leg pattern- decreased down to 76 sts- repeat pattern 16 times before starting heel.
RE: Yarn- it was interesting to work with- it was splitty, a bit annoying, but it comes with amazing yardage~ The yarn is a blend of Cotton, Wool, Soy, and Chitin (which is a component of crustacean shells~)... If it weren't so splitty! I would want to use it again~

Stash Enhancements...
I was on a self imposted Yarn Diet... for all of... oh... 3 days?... at which time I gave up... and nearly doubled my stash. I have decided that Yarn diets are a dangerous thing as they lead me to binge purchase once released~ Please Note the following may include Spoilers~
Socktopus Sock Club (march 2009)
Yarn: Artist Palette- Sweet Feet in Sweet Pea Colorway
Pattern: Over the Garden Wall by Loumms creation
Notes: Package also included a small Satiny pouch containing Seeds for Peas and Mint and recipe to make Peas Mint Soup

Wool Girl Sock Club Package (April, 2009)
Yarn: Curious Creek Fibers- Wasonga- in the Old Head of Kinsale Colorway
Patterns: Crooked Brook Sock by Anne Hanson and Stormy Seas Cowl By Lisa Dykstra
Notes: Package also included: 2 small sheep figures, a Cranberry Farm Shortbread Cookie shaped like a sheep, a Note (to DO list)pad and Tea Sample, A tea shaped Tape measure/Key ring, a gold color teapot Stitch marker from Sunneshine on etsy, a note card, and a LARGE travel bag with the WoolGirl Sock club logo embroidered on it.

Sundara Seasons Yarn Club (Winter)- Final Shipment- 3 Skeins of ASM in Black Cherry
Sundara ASM

Eat Sleep Knit- Do over Sale Purchase...
here I will not list everything that I bought... as it is a bit embarrassing... but please note... it was on SALE~~ if you are so inclined please feel free to click the photo and head over to Flickr' where the photo has notes and lists exactly what each yarn is~
eat Sleep Knit do-over sale order

what else... OTN: yes, while I have been madly purchasing yarn... I have also been knitting... not quite as the same rate of acquisition... but... thats not the point!...right?
Pattern: Over the Garden Wall by Loumms Creation
Yarn: Artists Palette- Sweet feet in Sweet Pea Colorway
Needles: Size 2 Knit Picks Harmony DPN's
Notes: You see! I just got this kit this month and its being knit up!! actually as to tonight it will be an FO! I just need to bind off the 2nd sock. I recommend this pattern as it was really fun and fast to knit! the heel is interesting and... the finished sock is very pretty. I will not be adding the embellishments as it does not really suit me~ and not very practical for wearing in a shoe~ but thats just me~ Please note that these socks took less than the requisite 2 months that it normally requires for me to finish socks.

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Alchemy Yarns- Synchronicity in The Night Air and Dylan's Blue Depths
Notes: NONE! its a CLAP!!

Pattern: Girasol by Jared Flood
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Paris Night
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony Options Size 10 1/2
Notes: this pattern is AWESOME! I'm knitting the blanket size... currently finishing up Chart E- and i'm not bored with it... I'm excited to knit on it whenever I pick it up, its not HARD... and its amazingly Beautiful~ I'm considering knitting it again!?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

and the winner is...

FYI... i used to generate the number... which was #11 of 17 (Cara double posted)... YAY susan... I'm gonna go running about the house to put together your prize!~ Thanks everyone for playing~