Friday, July 31, 2009

makes me want to do a rain dance!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So sad~~

Recently... I think I've been feeling quite sad~~ nothing terrible... just sad. It started with my MapleStory character being hacked. I haven't played maple in recent months but still, this is my character since the beginning. Really I've only had this one, and now that someone has logged in and stolen her belongings... I feel so VIOLATED!! its just one of those things~~ some people have encouraged me to go and rebuild her~ and others have suggested I let it go~ and I agree with both. But still, its so sad~~ Bad karma and whom ever violated CORNCHOWDER!~ RAWR!

To add to the sad feeling I was having about my character being desecrated, I read the post on the Yarn Harlot's blog about the terrible ordeal she has been experiencing. Add to this, reflecting on the my recent terrible experience with a certain big headed lawyer (who works in NJ... who's name I will not mention, but just that if his head grows any bigger it surely will EXPLODE)... and it just makes me feel sad. Saying mean people SUX, just isn't enough, its really making my Liver Qi rise. To all of this... the sad situation, mean people (or in my case overly large ego, who's mama must not have taught him better)... I send a really mean look... its going to come back to you~ *hard stare*

In other news...
Whats on my needles:
I cast on these socks on Friday Night, but I'm currently seriously contemplating ripping them out and starting over....
I cast on the Size large.... but they are tooo big!! It doesn't help that I used larger size needles~ ugh~ yes, I'm sure they will fit someone, yes, I hate ripping out, but.... they aren't making me happy... I should do it...shouldn't I?

I also cast on... the Eyelet Cardigan but I've already frogged it... because... I didn't like the way the ribbing and the eyelet pattern didn't match up. Also, I don't like how SHORT it is... yes its a cropped Cardi... but I don't want it cropped! So I'm debating how I want to modify it... I think I will hunt on Ravelry to see what over people have done~ Also I wonder if I can knit it in the round~~

I've finished my SuperSecretSwap Project for my Malabrigo Swap Round 7 Swap partner... but for the sake of secrecy... I'll hold off posting any more about that~ other than... it is a totally satisfying project!

I've FINALLY finished my ENE~ WOOHOOO!!! but haven't photo'd it yet... its over cast... but I may try to do that today anyhow~ I don't know when I'll be able to block it... we have house guests~ again~ meh~~~

and something I cast off a while ago... but never posted...
my over the garden wall socks from the 2nd shipment of Socktopus Sock Club~ This pattern and yarn is AWESOME!! Fast fun knit~ interesting Heel, well written pattern~ Amazing~

Something I love...
is StitchIt!! Podcast
I love Meghan's stories about her son (Owen), and her Spinning advice... and I especially love her Favorite Thing section. LOVE it... if your a podcast listener... I really love this one~~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wanna see??

look at what I made.... felted SOAP... yes this may be coming to a christmas stocking near you!! ...or not.... I think I suck at it!

I have a super secret project in the works... which with some very minimal stalking you can uncover... but... still its awesome... i feel so proud of it... I want to show everyone!! but it will wait... a little bit~~

So instead... here is the 'scarf' that is taking me FOREVER!!

In other news.... that I find fascinating... a friend of my read my Tarot cards during clinic today... I've always been curious... it was interesting... the first card off the pile was- the CRUETLY card~~ he said something along the lines of me possibly mistreating those around me? ... So just to cover my bases- I'm so SORRY~ I didn't realize~~ but apparently dispite my being a brat... I'm surround and supported by many~~ so thanx all for sticking about~~ and that I need to stop trying to decide on everything and just pick a focus and work at that... interesting~~ he also said not to be personally offended if something I'm wanting doesn't come to be...and here I thought they always told you- you were gonna be highly successful make lots of money and marry a rich guy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yay a POST!

monkey socks

So I've been trying to post from my cell for weeks... and it hasn't been working.. and I swear tonight I did the same thing I do everytime I try to post from my cell... but tonight it worked!!! The full moon... does make a difference!! So there is it... a picture I took my with cellphone camera... during class... because I just finished the toe on my 1st pair of monkey socks... I need to graft them... and they are good to go!

The yarn is... Yarn Love- Elizabeth Bennet in the Fondly colorway... and the pattern is Monkey Socks by cookieA. I've gotten lots of complements on them- whenever I pull them out in school or on the bus~ Quick and fun knit~

Pattern: Girasol by Jared Flood
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Paris Night Colorway
Needles: Crystal Palace size 10.5 DPN's and Knit Picks Harmony Interchangable size 10.5 in the 24", 40", and 60" cables
Notes~ OMG so much fun to knit... I cast another one on... I did an extra repeat of Chart G- because I had so much yarn left. I used 7 full skeins plus like 20g of an 8th skein~

So... I've a bunch of things I've finished in the last omg... 2 months is it? and a swap and some yarn club packages I've received in that time also... I'll try to post some of it in the coming days~ I've been running about like a nearly headless chicken.

Just to give you a gist of what has been going on in my life... is... I was seeing someone... now I'm not... I ran into old buddies and made new buddies~ I when through these crazy hoops to get my Acupuncture License in New Jersey... which should be finalized any day now.... and I also got my school to approve me for expedited graduation so I can sit for the NYS massage board exam... and I've been applying to Doctoral programs.... got a new job... working on building my own practice... and... learned that I'm graduating in the top 3 of my class (hurrah!).... so yes... I think I've been a bit distracted. So Sorry for nearly abandoning the blog... Hope you all come back and visit me now... that I will try to post regularly once again!