Sunday, April 27, 2008


Arrive in China...
Lama Temple

HePingLe Hospital- Dr Lee

Chicken Feet...i think~
The "birds nest" Bei Jing Olympics 2008 stadium

Me in with Shang Hai Skyline~ on a boat- quite cold~

Temple of Heaven

Amazing lecture by author of CAM- Dr. Xinnong Cheng

Acupuncture assisted Anesthesia Neuro-Surgery~ (yes that is his foot~ LIVER 3)

Pictures to come... the great wall... Xi An (terra cotta soliders)... and other random stuffs~ but this internet hates me now- it won't load any more~

Currently at XiAn China- headed back to BeiJing by overnight sleeper train- tonite... and off to Korea on Thursday~ hopefully the internet situation will be better over there than it has been here~

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so~ I made it all the way to the internet cafe- with my camera in tow- guess what? NO USB port to connect my camera TO!!! RAWAR!! there is a chick smoking two computers down from my...its making my lungs hurt~ gonna run out to the tea store instead~ whats new in life people?

Friday, April 18, 2008

tired as hell~

i'm tired as hell~
headed to shang hai in the morning~
still at the gross computer in the hotel...and only just NOW realized that... I CANNOT charge my laptop! i don't have the right kinda converter!! EWW! (mine is only a 2 prong converter- i need one that has a grounding fx ~3 prongs!)
there is strife within the group which is making me more tired.... for those of you out there who know us... guess WHO is makin waves!!??

on the otherhand- i saw some AMAZING acupuncture today! like blew my mind away~!! case study: male, beyond middle age, cheif complaint: hiccups for 5 days. Present history- hiccupping for 5 days following heart surgery and subsequent CAT scan... Treatment implemented: like 40 needles in EACH EAR!! Fire needling along the back Shu points and DU mai, followed by needles retained ALL over the body including a 5 inch needle threaded down the UBmai @ back and ST mai along abdomen!!! Yes~ this treatment has changed my life- i am a new person just by observing it!!

ok I can't take the grimy keyboard n e more- time to go SANITIZE my hands~ miss you all~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello from BeiJing

So I'm here! I'm sitting at the internet computer (single) at my Hotel in BeiJing- because we don't have enough time to head over to the Internet cafe~ (which we briefly visited yesterday only to have a look-see) and this computer is just short of complete fail! Ah well, it only took 5 minutes to load the blogger page~

So~ we've barely had a chance to stop and rest- we've been on the go since we got here! We arrived Sunday evening~ at BeiJing airport- Terminal 3. We rode one of those HUGE internation flight planes (AirChina) except it wasn't completely full (yay me!) only instead of walking thru the walkway into the airport it dropped us off in middle of the tarmac- and had to take a shuttle bus... to a shuttle tram... to... a long moving walkway~ to go thru immigration and baggage and such~ I've never been in such a HUGE but EMPTY airport in my LIFE! it was eerie~ kinda like those commercials you see on tv- where everyone is at some kinda sale or something?

Monday and Tuesday morning we began Clinic- we were observing and assisting at HePing *something*something* Out Patient Hospital- It was really neat- the doctors see like 30 patients in about 3 hours... and the people are sooo funny... China definitely has NOT heard about HIPPA- its GREAT! We also got to meet some Medical school students from NYU- they are doing a rotation here~ to study chinese medicine~ all we had to say after meet and observing them was... errr "I am never going to let that dude needle me"- it was a good try tho (the doctors ask one of the students to freehand a needle into UB 40- it looked entirely tooo painful!)

In the afternoons we sit in lectures... and in the evenings we go out as tourists- rushing like mad-men because the places close kinda early and such~ its a bit insane~

The food is SOOOOO good! I feel like, the most sane, calm, centering time of the day are our meals (After we finally can decide on which dishes to order) Today we had Peking Duck~ it was sooo good! pictures to come~

(Knitting progress on SOCK- minimal- Stephan told me I could not Knit on the subway/bus here; and everywhere else we go...we walk! how sad~ but it will get done! eventually)

Going to try to get to the Internet cafe we visited later this week to upload my pictures and such- i should have brought a travel drive- it would have made my life soo much easier! oh time? on Mops~

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok you guyz...I'm just about all set~
my plane is taking off in about.... 15 hours~
Am I done packing? errr~ kinda? ok... not really... its a work in progress~
I've narrowed down the yarn I'm taking~ I feel like I've accomplished alot! it was hard because i'm not taking alot~ I'm hoping to find some cool yarn along the way?~

Wellz~ the next time I post~ I'll be in China!
G'nite people~

Friday, April 11, 2008

1st flower on tree in front of house~ it must be spring


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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

birthday....cake.... socks~

wow~ i opened my e-mail box to like 89 new e-mails~ and amazingly enough.... it wasn't all SPAM! thanx guyz for all the birthday wishes! <3>

my mom and grandma singing happy birthday~ to me? we brought the cake home from the resturant cause we were all tooo stuffed to eat it~ My grandmother is sooo cute! She was laughing hysterically after all the singing... and of course Noodles had to join in on the festivities~

these are the sock that I just finished knitting last night... HURRAH! okay lets be honest here... I started them last year! errr.... I've been distracted??... They were originally planned for my grandma- but my aunt really loved them... so these are my aunties feet in the sock's~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Took my LAST FINAL EXAM of Acupuncture School!

I just got out of the last FINAL EXAM of my acupuncture school career~ HURRAH!!!! I feel.... sooo accomplished.... yay its DONE!

ok here's a random picture for u?~ taken 2 days ago~ (with my new camera!- which I LOVE)~

Here's Noodles.... she's soooo CUTE!! if only she were better behaved... Anybody have access to a dog whisper'er? Tell them to come by~ we have LOTSA things to work on~