Saturday, April 12, 2008


Ok you guyz...I'm just about all set~
my plane is taking off in about.... 15 hours~
Am I done packing? errr~ kinda? ok... not really... its a work in progress~
I've narrowed down the yarn I'm taking~ I feel like I've accomplished alot! it was hard because i'm not taking alot~ I'm hoping to find some cool yarn along the way?~

Wellz~ the next time I post~ I'll be in China!
G'nite people~


Shikyobi said...

Wow, it's finally that day... Well wishing you the best on your trip and we'll all miss you a lot. See you again in June. <3 =]

Solar said...

Rawr... Indeed, it is that day already. It seems like it was only not long ago that you told us you're going to China+Korea. Well, the day has come, you're probably on your plane ride now, or already there... But whatever the case may be, Have tons of fun there! Its a great opportunity! Haha.

P.S. Souvenirs from Korea, please? Haha.

Jade said...

Wow! Tinna, I finally got my butt over here. We are all sad you're gone. How long of a plane ride is it, and what's the time difference? lol. Well, I hope you are safe, watch out for boys, have lots of fun, and don't forget us!

Bubbles said...
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OMgosh Tinna I hope you have lots of fun and take lots of pictures so i can live vicariously through you. <3 Missing you already. xD