Sunday, April 27, 2008


Arrive in China...
Lama Temple

HePingLe Hospital- Dr Lee

Chicken Feet...i think~
The "birds nest" Bei Jing Olympics 2008 stadium

Me in with Shang Hai Skyline~ on a boat- quite cold~

Temple of Heaven

Amazing lecture by author of CAM- Dr. Xinnong Cheng

Acupuncture assisted Anesthesia Neuro-Surgery~ (yes that is his foot~ LIVER 3)

Pictures to come... the great wall... Xi An (terra cotta soliders)... and other random stuffs~ but this internet hates me now- it won't load any more~

Currently at XiAn China- headed back to BeiJing by overnight sleeper train- tonite... and off to Korea on Thursday~ hopefully the internet situation will be better over there than it has been here~


Shikyobi said...

Yay pictures came in! =p Everything looks really nice, maybe you should bring me sometime... Haha

Ooo finally get to somewhat see the treatments, they look interesting.

Well I have to get back to my paper, miss you terribly.

Solar said...

Wowee, how exciting. Good food. Good scenery. Good learning. Bad internet. Yayyy...


Nice to be finally able to see some pictures. Looks interesting... Haha.

Btw, here's a suggestion regarding the upload time: If you have an image editing program, you can shrink your pictures first, save it as a smaller size, then upload it. It should go faster because the file size is smaller, meaning you have less to upload.

But yayyyyyyyy, got to talk with you on MSN earlier today, haha. T'was good to hear from you again~

geana76 said...

PLease call your mother to let her know your alive. She is quite worried. Anyways did you read your g-mail I sent you pics of the boys. Stay warm. allergy is booming here.

ohdearhannahx said...