Thursday, May 1, 2008


I've made it to Korea~ I caught that really bad coughing-up a lung-bug everyone else in the China group was going through~ Good news~ my aunt has internet at her house! hurrah! bad news- her computer is really slow~ good news~ I brought my own laptop~ bad news~ my adapter from China doesn't WORK here! I showed her the plug and she was very confused~ we will be taking it to an electronics store tomorrow to hopefully find an adapter for it! otherwise~ I'm going to have the same 5 episodes of Numbers on my ipod for a month and a half! eww~ I'll try to post after I can figure out my computer situation~ Miss you all~
By the way~ nopes~ I wasn't on that train in CHINA! (kinda obvious now) but scary enough... we were travelling by overnight train that SAME DAY~! and of course we heard about the accident while on the TRAIN! a group member's husband texted our group leader... by the way~ i think i forgot to mention this... I left my Cell phone in new york (on purpose)~ sorry! you guys who called me and ended up chatting with my MOM!


Nelson said...

come on woman...get that adapter squared away. You know you can just buy an adapter that converts US plugs to korean plugs? Let's go...chop chop

Jade said...

We all miss you! I am so glad you're enjoying your trip for the most part. Tim came over and gobbled that squid right up. lol. How many more days is yuor trip? or shall i say, weeks? =(
Ali is finally playing her hermit again, kinda funny.
Ali got a chance to use your Herbal Aid Kit twice now. She's always impressed.
Those pictures were amazing, I mean, the thought of someone i know, being able to to reach out and touch some of the places i've only seen in magazines, it's crazy. What an experience! I'm so happy for you!
Ali is wanting to go on that cruise this December....f3. I don't think I'll be able to go, but she's been talking about how fun it would be if the 3 of us went. lol. Which makes me want to try. But, alas, I am building my little house this summer, how am I suposed to save up for a cruise when im building/furnishing/decorating a house? Small as it is, It's gonna take up my funds. Surely I'll find a way.
Anyways, great to hear from you! Hope to see some more of those photos soon! Love you Luv Button! haha. <3

kerry said...

I hope you can get your computer up to par. I am still living amongst boxes in SD. Went out with Jenna last night-kinda hurting:( But things are good here. I got an assistant spot in Matt Callison's office-yay. Seems like you are learning a lot-keep up the great pics!

Shikyobi said...

Ooo finally made it to Korea how fun. Hope you get better soon. Lot of things seem to happen during your trip, mainly computer troubles... Other than that, everything seems to be going well and I'm glad you're having fun, hopefully I can get a hold of you sometime.

Looking forward to pictures over there miss you lots. <3

Solar said...

Ahhh, Korea, what a wonderful place. I've never really gone INSIDE Korea other than Seoul, but, y'know, that airport was OMGCRAZYNICE! Haha...

Hope you get better soon. I understand how it feels cause i kind of had the same thing when I went to France a few years ago, and the same happened soon after when I went to China... Not fun at all... Its annoying, indeed.

School's starting for me very soon. I got a job offered to me to create working drawings for a firm that produces sunrooms for buildings. Yayy, hopefully they love me. Otherwise, oh well...