Sunday, May 18, 2008

Walking in the Rain very interesting when it rains, it doesn't seem to deter people from going out and such... at least not very much~ and you know... back in the states... in general~ everyone carries a black unbrella.... here...the umbrella's are sooo colorful~ I wish my bus had taken its time arriving at the bus stop today~ so I coulda taken some photos... but maybe next time? I'm expecting it to rain again while i'm here~
Random photos:
Where are the trash bins in Korea? I can't ever seem to find a trashcan! I carry home all my garbage...well really I put my garbage in my bag so I can chuck it once I find a bin... but very rarely do I ever find a trash can! I really am surprised Korea isn't more polluted with the lack of garbage cans... here is a photo of the lamppost next to my bus stop... I guess people improvised a trash bin~

We all know that I'm a sucker for packaging... everything is Korea has such cute packaging!! Its sooo hard to pick something to drink... because i'm attracted to like every drink on the shelf...because it all looks sooo pretty!

these are basically all bottled tea's~ The last one on the right... was the biggest disappointment... it was a flower tea... which normally i don't mind flowery tea's but this one... was like over poweringly flowery~
Here are 2 of the 3 doggies that live here... these are the 2 that hate me... they bark at me whenever I come and go~

This is a photo I took on Friday on my way home from clinic... its the park across the street from my aunts house... this was the 1st time I saw the fountains on~

Pictures of Seung Joon... he doesn't really speak yet... he's very funny though~ he likes to back his powerwheels into his brother...who doesn't actually seem to mind~

Seung Joon and my uncle in his new favorite hat...the BeiJing 2008 olympic hat I brought him from China~


Shikyobi said...

Wow people over there seem to have a lot of colorful things. Err no trash cans? That sounds kinda nasty... I guess that lamppost will have to do? All that tea looks nice, I want some now... Haha err don't mind those dogs. The fountain looks nice, it's so hot over here I want to just walk into it. Really cute kids over there. Well talk to you whenever.

geana76 said...

the way the dogs hearts is through food. Noodles is no noodle she is as big and a piglet. she is huge. everytime I see her she gets wider and wider.

Jade said...

Hi >=)
Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, some crazy things have been going on over here in my very small world...
My dad had eye surgery, and I had to work all by my lonesome for 8 days, and actually tomorrow he has to go back and get a uhm, Caterack (sp) removed. So, yea, I may have to work alone again for a few days.
Lets see, what else... I was so sad when I heard I missed you on msn. I am counting down the days til you come home, but not wishing for your trip to be shortened. I envy you.
I bought a mountain bike, i'm gonna put pictures of it up somewhere soon. I think i may try to keep a blog again. I should really stop playing maple all together.
Anyways, Ali said you needed updates...hmm. OH! Speaking of dates, there is this guy, insisting i go with him, AS HIS DATE, to the wedding, of a guy, who rejected me not that long ago.... eww? Especially considering, this guy who wants me to be his date, is the guys best friend/overwieght/sloppy. I can not show up to the wedding of the guy who rejected me, on the arm of his loser friend... oh, and with an xtra 15lbs. rawr! Why do the guys i like ignore me, and the ones who won't leave me alone i refuse to settle for? I don't want to settle. I refuse to settle. there is too much to life to settle. ick!
Okay, so yea.... the lemonade diet thing failed....majorly. Made me... sick...and i quit. I still have a metabolism, I was trying to gonna just exercse. thats what the bike is for! :) I love to ride bikes. Ali is scheming up some new diet for us, we'll see how it works. I'm too lazy to cook up special meals...4 times daily. lol.
Ah well we'll see how all this goes. Not a whole lot else is going on.
All those bottles are really neat, with those tea's. I like packaging too~ ;-P I'm scared of doggies. rofl. Just throw them some bones or something. lol. I can't wait to talk to you one on one about the trip~ hehe. We all miss you and love you tinna, be safe!


Nelson said...

there is lacking in the food pictures.