Sunday, May 25, 2008

my weekend~

Mini Road-Trip to go clamming (about 2.5 hour drive from Incheon- optimal knitting time~)... Korea is very hilly~ saw lotsa rice paddy's along the way~

"Mhat"조개 (clam) catching~ basically... the water receeds from this beach at low tide... and people go to work catching the 조개~

The video was the 1st catch of the day~ with commentary by my uncle~ he cracks me up~ The process to catching the clams... is to 1st lightly shovel away the top layer of sand, this is reveal holes in the sand... sprinkle salt into the holes to lure the clams up~ and then pull the clams out before they start to borrow back into the sand~ they can be quick little buggers!
After working all morning... the tide began to rise... so we made for shore~ to have a Korean style picnic~ with BBQ'd pork, ra-myun and kim-bap~

post~ low-tide

We drove back to Incheon,... and off I went to stay the night at my cousin MiYoung언니's house~ and of course we went out to eat... really good KalBi~

She has a super cute... and well behaved doggie... his name is ShinDoRhee~

This morning... we took the double decker Seoul tour bus... on the course that visits the Palaces in the area

Short visit to InSaDong (traditional Korean items) shopping alley

Seoul City Hall

(protesters demanding Korea stop importing US beef~)

Chun-Geh-Chun(man made stream~) filled with water from the Han River- in the middle of Seoul~ it was beautiful~

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Korea...week 3

This past Saturday... I went to YongDongPoh to have Lunch with an old family friend... when I walked out of the subway station, they were filming this... for a TV show... she is an actress of some sort...someone told me her name... but I can't even remember the names of American actors...korea actor's names are beyond my abilities~

Saturday evening, I met up with YoonKyung (the girlie who stayed at my house back in February... they took me to BaeGunLake~ it was Beautiful~

Then we went out to dinner... It was a very cute resturant up on the side of a big hill, they served very traditional Imperial style Korean Food... it was a lovely experience, and the food was very good~

Here are the Doggies again~ the mean doggie on the left is the son of the doggie who is in the picture alone on the right... the MamaDog, she likes me~

My cousin HanYoungOppa's younger son, SeungHoon- He is the happiest baby I've ever met!