Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cupcake 2

hannah~ she not sure if her cupcake is tasty~



Sunday, August 2, 2009

its raining... again!

So its POURING outside... lighting stuck somewhere very close... light flashed... house shook... alarm went off~ and My crazy grandmother was waiting for her church van to pick her up... by standing outside in the POURING rain~ (yes she was carrying an umbrella)... but still... we could not keep that woman in the house!! I wish I had a picture to show you... but my camera was in the basement somewhere and my cell phone is dead.

So its a rainy Sunday afternoon- my plans are to cast on the 2nd sleeve for my eyelet cardigan (which I recast on Wednesday night... and modified the pattern and beginning to knit with the sleeves)... hopefully squeeze in a nap... write the last of my admissions essays (which are so so late!)... and maybe stop by barnes and nobles for a coffee and to study for my Massage boards~

I haven't been knitting much lately... because...
new finger crease
all this knitting has created/changed the way the lines on my finger run! I now have a diagonal finger line! if I get my hand lines read... my fortune has changed because of knitting! LOL!! I haven't been knitting because that line has been flared up... red and sore for a few days~~ I have a theory as to why... (a new kinda yarn... I'm not enjoying very much)... but yeah~ok... no wonder my friends think I'm crazy but, you all understand right?~

Ok so here it is...I've mentioned it a few times... but its finally done... Shipped... received and... now posted:
The Endpaper Mits by Eunny Jang made out of Malabrigo Sock... in Tiziano Red and Terracota... on Size 1.5 and Size 3 needles~ for my Malabrigo Swap Round & partner...WOOHOO!! it was a fast fun knit... and the finished product is so pretty it makes me feel smarter! I love those make me feel smarter projects!

Pattern: Ene Scarf by Nancy Bush found in the Scarf Style Book
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace Weight in Dusty and Apricot 1.5 skeins of each (held together)
Needles: Size 7 Knit Picks options
This scarf took FOREVER!! well at least it feels like forever. I started it back in January... and then frogged it... and started it again in early June~ it took about 2 months. I wasn't working on it daily... or every week even... and if I had to do one more repeat of Chart 3... I might have cried~ but the finished project is sooo pretty! Its going on my christmas gift stash~ so maybe if your good?

I haven't knit much since... because of the finger... also I hurt my Right hand... opening a window (don't ask)~ but thats that... its just about all better so I can get started again~ Lately I've had a growing desire to learn to Sew~~ hmm~

On the Acupuncture front.... I'm officially looking for office space... my NJ license will be at my doorstep anyday now~ but the thought of having to pay rent and Student loans... is FREAKING me out~~ wish me luck!!