Monday, June 15, 2009

Where does Time go... and why can't I get it back!!

Time~ where has it going... I believe it is moving far tooo quickly... someone make it slow down just a bit please...

I can't even begin to tell you all where I've been for the past month+... because I've been here... and there... and... had all these posts in my head but not time to actually sit down to write them out!! it is unfortunate. I've tried to do the post by mobile... but for some reason the bloggr- hates me~

I just pulled up this window... because I would like to ask you all for your support regarding HR 646- it is a bill regarding the coverage of Acupuncture- by medicare part B. Please take a moment to follow this Link to contact your government representatives regarding this very important matter!... I would go into full detail here... unfortunately- time does not permit. However, I'm happy to have a conversation with you regarding this bill... or acupuncture in general!!

Thanks for your support!!!