Wednesday, June 2, 2010

dysfunctional Bind-offs

Its happened before... and it will probably happen again~ but really... I hate when bind-off just don't work out the way I want!! Specifically, I'm referring to my Arabella Shawlette designed by Kristen Hanley Cardozo... the design is really pretty... the body makes me feel like an excellent knitter... However... the bind off... had totally turned me off. Really, its me, not the shawl~ and its not a difficult fix- i just have to un-bind and re-do it using a stretchier bind-off, but i'm just not motivated to rip it out! Why couldn't it have worked the 1st time!! The bind off I did... was the P2Tog, back to left needle, P2tog~ continue~~ I even went up- 4 (!!!) needle sizes~ and its still too tight~ UGH!... so for now... its sitting on my desk... waiting~
to knit it- I did the set up chart, then chart A-2- 7 times, C-1, C-2 and then rows 1-3 of chart C-3~

On to more satisfying knits... the Juneberry by Jared Flood.
Pattern: Juneberry by Jared FLood
Yarn: Nordique by Classic Elite Yarn in the Ruby Wine colorway
Modifications: None... I'm sure it can be done... I just haven't thought about how to do it!
Comments: I bought the St-Denis magazine issue #2- for this pattern alone (P.S- Jared said he will be releasing it on his website in a few months)... and I personally think it was worth it! ITs beautiful!! The pattern itself... was... totally a breeze to follow... outside of chart 2. Unfortunately... chart 2- is the bulk of the body~ I'm just not knit smart enough to have made it work for me... and recharting it... never even crossed my mind!! Instead I e-mailed Mr. Flood, who was beyond helpful~ he "hooked me up" with the more user friendly chart #2... and I sailed along smoothly.