Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Korea...week 3

This past Saturday... I went to YongDongPoh to have Lunch with an old family friend... when I walked out of the subway station, they were filming this... for a TV show... she is an actress of some sort...someone told me her name... but I can't even remember the names of American actors...korea actor's names are beyond my abilities~

Saturday evening, I met up with YoonKyung (the girlie who stayed at my house back in February... they took me to BaeGunLake~ it was Beautiful~

Then we went out to dinner... It was a very cute resturant up on the side of a big hill, they served very traditional Imperial style Korean Food... it was a lovely experience, and the food was very good~

Here are the Doggies again~ the mean doggie on the left is the son of the doggie who is in the picture alone on the right... the MamaDog, she likes me~

My cousin HanYoungOppa's younger son, SeungHoon- He is the happiest baby I've ever met!


geana76 said...

That poor mic guy. His arms must hurt.It is a cruel punishment to get paid for. Andrew was a happy baby, and he is still a happy kid.

cornchowder said...

yeah~ andrew is a ham... but errr re: "he's still a happy kid" *cough*cough* he spoiled snotty... he doesn't wanna talk to me on the phone... and he won't let me call him ham~

Shikyobi said...

Oh wow how fun Korea looks so nice! Food looks pretty good. Ooo doggies again... Well it could be worse *cough Noodles.* Anyways talk to you later.