Friday, April 18, 2008

tired as hell~

i'm tired as hell~
headed to shang hai in the morning~
still at the gross computer in the hotel...and only just NOW realized that... I CANNOT charge my laptop! i don't have the right kinda converter!! EWW! (mine is only a 2 prong converter- i need one that has a grounding fx ~3 prongs!)
there is strife within the group which is making me more tired.... for those of you out there who know us... guess WHO is makin waves!!??

on the otherhand- i saw some AMAZING acupuncture today! like blew my mind away~!! case study: male, beyond middle age, cheif complaint: hiccups for 5 days. Present history- hiccupping for 5 days following heart surgery and subsequent CAT scan... Treatment implemented: like 40 needles in EACH EAR!! Fire needling along the back Shu points and DU mai, followed by needles retained ALL over the body including a 5 inch needle threaded down the UBmai @ back and ST mai along abdomen!!! Yes~ this treatment has changed my life- i am a new person just by observing it!!

ok I can't take the grimy keyboard n e more- time to go SANITIZE my hands~ miss you all~


Shikyobi said...

Wow that terribly sucks, finding out that you can't charge your laptop... How disappointing! That acupuncture treatment sounds really interesting, so many needles. =O

Wow wonder how many places you visited already sounds pretty fun, wish I was there too I need to get away from home for a bit, its been getting really stressful here...

Anyways wishing you the best over there, be safe and all that stuff. Miss you a lot.

Solar said...


I was actually cleaning up my stuff in my drawrs cause it seemed like a tornado went thru it or something... then found my universal plug converter! Speak of the devil.. Jeebus...

So many needles in 1 ear... I don't even think I can fit that many needles on my ear... Just for hiccups? Oii...