Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello from BeiJing

So I'm here! I'm sitting at the internet computer (single) at my Hotel in BeiJing- because we don't have enough time to head over to the Internet cafe~ (which we briefly visited yesterday only to have a look-see) and this computer is just short of complete fail! Ah well, it only took 5 minutes to load the blogger page~

So~ we've barely had a chance to stop and rest- we've been on the go since we got here! We arrived Sunday evening~ at BeiJing airport- Terminal 3. We rode one of those HUGE internation flight planes (AirChina) except it wasn't completely full (yay me!) only instead of walking thru the walkway into the airport it dropped us off in middle of the tarmac- and had to take a shuttle bus... to a shuttle tram... to... a long moving walkway~ to go thru immigration and baggage and such~ I've never been in such a HUGE but EMPTY airport in my LIFE! it was eerie~ kinda like those commercials you see on tv- where everyone is at some kinda sale or something?

Monday and Tuesday morning we began Clinic- we were observing and assisting at HePing *something*something* Out Patient Hospital- It was really neat- the doctors see like 30 patients in about 3 hours... and the people are sooo funny... China definitely has NOT heard about HIPPA- its GREAT! We also got to meet some Medical school students from NYU- they are doing a rotation here~ to study chinese medicine~ all we had to say after meet and observing them was... errr "I am never going to let that dude needle me"- it was a good try tho (the doctors ask one of the students to freehand a needle into UB 40- it looked entirely tooo painful!)

In the afternoons we sit in lectures... and in the evenings we go out as tourists- rushing like mad-men because the places close kinda early and such~ its a bit insane~

The food is SOOOOO good! I feel like, the most sane, calm, centering time of the day are our meals (After we finally can decide on which dishes to order) Today we had Peking Duck~ it was sooo good! pictures to come~

(Knitting progress on SOCK- minimal- Stephan told me I could not Knit on the subway/bus here; and everywhere else we go...we walk! how sad~ but it will get done! eventually)

Going to try to get to the Internet cafe we visited later this week to upload my pictures and such- i should have brought a travel drive- it would have made my life soo much easier! oh time? on Mops~


Shikyobi said...

Oh how fun! I'm glad to see that everything is going well. We all miss you!

Jade said...

Tinna! I am so happy everything went well. It sounds so much fun. You're gonna get so much life experience, and you're career is barely started. Speaking of which, I LOVE THE HERBAL KIT! Thank you sooooo much for the package you sneaky girl. I showed my dad your photo, and he said. "She looks good hearted." How sweet. Okay, hope to hear from you again soon. Much love, Abi

Solar said...

Wowee, sounds super fun! Rawr, good to know that you're busy and having fun. Sound tiring though... Haha.

Pretty funny though, cause the blogger page only took 5 minutes to load~ Haha... Talking about a nice computer... Jeebus.

Anyway, can't wait for some pictures! Although I can imagine the computer taking 10 minutes to upload them... Haha.


We do indeed miss you~ Rawr. And how much longer? Oii... Don't wanna think about it... Haha.

Jade said...

Tinna, as I mentioned, I got the package. I know this sounds dumb... but silly you send me- (dumb mutt kid) a box of foriegn things without any notes to guide me. Haha, no. I am just curious about the squid? It actually looks apatizing to me. (shock), but anyways uhm, am i suposed to prepare it somehow, or just like....dive in like beef jerky? It says "prepared"...does the BBQ go on it? -so confused- Anyways, just wanna make sure i do it right. Thanks so much again!

We all still miss you. When your character signs in Im always like TINN...-backspace- lol. It's good to know you're staying busy and enjoying it.

Oh yea, I know I already asked, but I have a few more. I went to the co-op (natural food store/ hippy hang out) and looked for the ingredients for the master cleanse.
I asked the Lady there for "Laxative Tea" (sp?) and she asked why? and I told her that you, "friend who is finishing her education for accupuncture/chinese medicine" had advised a cleans with lemons and maple syrup for C. Yeast. She was like, "No, that cleanse is really great, but the maple syrup will feed the yeast. Use this, -grabs 2 boxes of "complete kits" for yeast removal- then she tells me how great they are blah blah." I think she maybe wanted to sell her product. But, yea, I wanted to ask you about the it candida, or something like that.
She then handed me a book about the master cleanse, and it had all the information you had sent Ali to. So, I didn't buy it. I still plan on doing the cleanse, but I wanted to ask you about the syrup feeding the yeast, and also, I have some concerns about the salt water soloution we're suposed to drink of a morning. That seems dangerous.... can't that raise blood pressure extremly? I don't want to do something I can't handle. I know you wouldn't have recommended something unsafe. I trust you. Just some concerns. Anyways, sorry to have written a novel. I don't mean to take up all your time. AH! okay I go now.
<333 Love ya Luv button!

Shikyobi said...
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