Thursday, April 3, 2008

birthday....cake.... socks~

wow~ i opened my e-mail box to like 89 new e-mails~ and amazingly enough.... it wasn't all SPAM! thanx guyz for all the birthday wishes! <3>

my mom and grandma singing happy birthday~ to me? we brought the cake home from the resturant cause we were all tooo stuffed to eat it~ My grandmother is sooo cute! She was laughing hysterically after all the singing... and of course Noodles had to join in on the festivities~

these are the sock that I just finished knitting last night... HURRAH! okay lets be honest here... I started them last year! errr.... I've been distracted??... They were originally planned for my grandma- but my aunt really loved them... so these are my aunties feet in the sock's~


Anonymous said...

Awww cute dog! And Happy Birthday Tinna! ... I want cake now.

Jon said...

Hi tinna =] How've you been. Those are some smexy socks lol