Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so~ I made it all the way to the internet cafe- with my camera in tow- guess what? NO USB port to connect my camera TO!!! RAWAR!! there is a chick smoking two computers down from my...its making my lungs hurt~ gonna run out to the tea store instead~ whats new in life people?


Jade said...

Ali and I started the Master Cleanse today... =O It's...disgusting. lol. The Cayenne burns my mouth and throat. But hey, if it will do what it says it will, its worth it.
You ask whats going on...well... Tuesday my mom went into the hospital, and got out on monday. In the meantime, my dad had to have emergency eye surgey for a torn retna! Well, as you know, I work with my dad in his landscape maintenance business... so guess who gets to do the work until his eye is usable again. Good Ole Abi. Oh yea, one chick keeping up with like 35 accounts. I got a severe sunburn on my shoulders yesterday... fun stuff. Lol. I actually feel pretty good considering. Maybe cause i feel important with all this repsonsibility. lol. Anyways, it's almost time to mow mow and mow some mo'. Lolz. Good to hear from you. Too bad the USB port wasn't available. =(. Maybe you can find a trans. plug for you laptop at some electronics store there?
Who knows, anyways, sending much love from Repent and Illinois. <3333

Solar said...
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Solar said...

Boy have you missed a heck of a lot in MS and RL... I've outleveled you by miles, haha. A few people unfortunately got hacked/scammed/lalalala in our guild. Flare still refuse to give me back guild powers in Repent. So many people are hassling me to invite them back into the guild, when no JRs are on. Haha@Flare... People still gets confused between who is on cornchowder whenever Flare gets on that character. Especially with me, I don't help at all when I say: "Hi Tinna!". Ali and Achuuu finally married in-game. Ken has taken up a regular routine of APQing with Evo. I barely go APQ anymore. I apologize to Flare, cause he wants to get a daily intake of apples and I am not there to go with him.

Flare, Kev, my bro and I play Brawl from time to time [Fun stuff]. We Skype and Brawl @ the same time. Kev and I are trying WoW-Trial for fun. Kev and I deciding whether we're going to be playing it regularly through subscription.

I'm gonna meet RubiKash in RL soon cause we live nearby anyway. And speaking of meetups, planning on meetups, perhaps, soon with Repent in NY during the summer? [Unsure about that one, still...]

Exams at the moment. Should be studying but other than that, all's doing well. Registered for the summer semester, so I will be schooling during the summer semester. Yayy... T...T

Driving lessons almost complete. Next time I'll be the one doing the driving instead of you driving me to the coffee shop. Haha...

I've found a program to create music, and thus it is occupying partial of my faily time at the moment. Created a few songs already. In fact, I posted a little mini-player on my blog for hearing. I was suggested to create a single with these songs. Genre: Upbeat and Electronic.

Weather's getting nice and warm over here. Time for a wardrobe change to suit the weather.

Still no pictures for you to upload? I've heard that there are shops that will happily upload your picture files onto a CD, but then it costs money for their services.

Seems like someone hasn't finished packing properly... But its okay... I do it all the time whenever I go on trips... Haha.

Good to have a daily update from you.

Shikyobi said...

Yeah I do forget to fix the ranks I'm getting there though, Solar I need yo u to be on to be able to change that, and I need to remember too.

Tinna, I know you'll find a way to get picture s and everything through, after all we still don't know what Korea will be like. Looking forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tinna,

By the time you read this, I would have probably quit Maple for the time being. Yes, I was one of the person that got hacked in the guild. Even though I have quit, I will still come on from time to time and there's always Vent.

Haha, I bet Victor is gonna miss his right hand man running the guild. F3

Anyways, hope you're having fun and hope to talk to you soon!


stonewell said...

Hey Tinna,
Fun to read your stories about your trip. Sounds like you're having a great time! St. John's was terrific, but all too short. Just filed my license app today- what a relief to get that off the plate.
Don't forget to look for books for me if you have time/energy.

Enjoy the rest of the trip. Not sure who else is with you on the trip- say hi to Aristides and Ni-Feih.
big hug,

Jinhee said...

hey tinna!
just want to say hi- hope you are having a great time and learning alot. xoxo jy