Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wanna see??

look at what I made.... felted SOAP... yes this may be coming to a christmas stocking near you!! ...or not.... I think I suck at it!

I have a super secret project in the works... which with some very minimal stalking you can uncover... but... still its awesome... i feel so proud of it... I want to show everyone!! but it will wait... a little bit~~

So instead... here is the 'scarf' that is taking me FOREVER!!

In other news.... that I find fascinating... a friend of my read my Tarot cards during clinic today... I've always been curious... it was interesting... the first card off the pile was- the CRUETLY card~~ he said something along the lines of me possibly mistreating those around me? ... So just to cover my bases- I'm so SORRY~ I didn't realize~~ but apparently dispite my being a brat... I'm surround and supported by many~~ so thanx all for sticking about~~ and that I need to stop trying to decide on everything and just pick a focus and work at that... interesting~~ he also said not to be personally offended if something I'm wanting doesn't come to be...and here I thought they always told you- you were gonna be highly successful make lots of money and marry a rich guy!

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Geana said...

It means stop being so mean to your sister's~