Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yay a POST!

monkey socks

So I've been trying to post from my cell for weeks... and it hasn't been working.. and I swear tonight I did the same thing I do everytime I try to post from my cell... but tonight it worked!!! The full moon... does make a difference!! So there is it... a picture I took my with cellphone camera... during class... because I just finished the toe on my 1st pair of monkey socks... I need to graft them... and they are good to go!

The yarn is... Yarn Love- Elizabeth Bennet in the Fondly colorway... and the pattern is Monkey Socks by cookieA. I've gotten lots of complements on them- whenever I pull them out in school or on the bus~ Quick and fun knit~

Pattern: Girasol by Jared Flood
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Paris Night Colorway
Needles: Crystal Palace size 10.5 DPN's and Knit Picks Harmony Interchangable size 10.5 in the 24", 40", and 60" cables
Notes~ OMG so much fun to knit... I cast another one on... I did an extra repeat of Chart G- because I had so much yarn left. I used 7 full skeins plus like 20g of an 8th skein~

So... I've a bunch of things I've finished in the last omg... 2 months is it? and a swap and some yarn club packages I've received in that time also... I'll try to post some of it in the coming days~ I've been running about like a nearly headless chicken.

Just to give you a gist of what has been going on in my life... is... I was seeing someone... now I'm not... I ran into old buddies and made new buddies~ I when through these crazy hoops to get my Acupuncture License in New Jersey... which should be finalized any day now.... and I also got my school to approve me for expedited graduation so I can sit for the NYS massage board exam... and I've been applying to Doctoral programs.... got a new job... working on building my own practice... and... learned that I'm graduating in the top 3 of my class (hurrah!).... so yes... I think I've been a bit distracted. So Sorry for nearly abandoning the blog... Hope you all come back and visit me now... that I will try to post regularly once again!

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Megan said...

Wow, girasole looks lovely. I just made one for my mom. It's such a great pattern. I love the colorway you used.