Wednesday, June 4, 2008


어린이 대공원 (Children's Grand Park)... with my aunt Eun Joo~ Random park pictures:

Two even more Random photos:

(left) they were filming a movie of some sort (sorry bad picture~)... they are always filming something in korea... a movie... commercial... tv drama~ its everywhere!
(Right) I took a walk to Henesys~ tell me these mushroom houses do not remind you of henesys? Am I just going through withdrawal? (miss you maple buddies!)
I only realized I never took pictures of the ride portion of the park... once we were headed out! oops~


국립주우앙박물관 (National Museum of Korea)

Acupuncture related stuff from the museum:

Magician dude from Korean television... was performing outside the Museum... it was windy and cold...

After the Museum we went to hang out at Han River Park...We being...myself... Ki Hyul (Yoon Kyungs brother) and his girlfriend...Ah-Rah~ We flew a kite which eventually we wrote "wishes" on and once it flew to the end of the kite string...we left it go~ (Korean's are so cute)... ate Cup-RaMyun.... followed by beer, puffed macaroni, and fruit salad (random much?)~ it was great fun~ I just barely caught the last subway train back to InCheon~

김포- to visit family and see the property my grandfather owns~

Dinner with a new friend- Hye Rim~ she is an Intern at KyungHee~

Last Day at KyungHee~ the hallway I walked down every morning at KyungHee, and Me with Dr Go- the SaSang Constitutional Medicine Professor~


geana76 said...

Who is your aunt eun joo? How come I don't know about this person? You need to come to the states with all the beautiful accessories that you have purchased for me. We are going up on the 25th. Andrew has graduation on the 12th at 7 pm. Have fun. see you soon.

Shikyobi said...

Ooo nice park so nice. Errr we miss you too? Haha. *Drools at the food* anyways wow let's go kite flying some day and drink...? Ahh anyways talk to you later.