Wednesday, July 23, 2008

its DONE!

my adamas shawl is DONE!! woohoo!

I started on my 1st pair of Jaywalkers (Sock), which I was working on at dorney park~ while I was waiting for my cousins to return from their rides~ and Can it be? I wasn't on the rides myself?! *Shock*Shock* After spending the morning at the waterpark (I hate waterparks) I had a massive headache~ So I only rode my favorite dorney coasters- Talon and Steel Force~

I'm using my Lantern Moon, Sock Sox- I love these needles!! so Smooth and feel nice in my hands~ I'm just scared I'm gonna break them!! they are quite bendy~
The yarn is... Lorna's Laces Sock- in the Edgewater Colorway~ I'm totally in love with this yarn and the color!! its sooo pretty~
Last night I had a huge battle with this yarn~ I had it wound into a ball at the store I bought it at (a few MONTHS ago)... and it was kinda loose and falling apart but still~ i thought it would be ok~ It ended up getting horribly horribly knotted~ I was up to the wee hours of the night unknotting~ and ended up cutting it (*Heartbroken*)
Still I love this yarn!

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