Wednesday, April 28, 2010

well there goes that new years resolution!

Well, there goes that new years resolution to blog- once a month~~ I didn't realize my 1st quarter would be so busy!! Its hard to give an update as so much, and yet so little has happened!! so lets just move on from there~

I decided I was going to try an complete 10 shawls in 2010~ so far... I've done... 0~ ok well really I finished one- but its not off the blocking board yet- and I haven't taken any photos- so it mite as well be 0~

in the meantime, I've been doing alot of travelling~ mostly school related but~ some for fun as well...

I attended to Society for Acupuncture Research Conference- last month (I can't believe its already been a month!)... where I got to listen to some amazing researchers and the biggest brains in my field talk about where the medicine is headed and all about the intricacies of acupuncture research~ I really respect these researchers who are out there trying to prove a medicine, which is difficult to prove in the parameters defined by contemporary medicine and with minimal funding~
Dr Streitberger (as in Streitberger Needle) discussing the Germany acupuncture studies
Sar Conference 2010
my buddy Marina Ponton, of Greenville Natural Health, Greenville, SC and the amazing Misha Cohen, of Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine
Sar Conference 2010

After the conference I had to opportunity to visit Greenville, SC and Marina's office~~ to glean from her Acupuncture business expertise~ and a good time was had by all (all being Marina and myself... perhaps her hubby and doggy as well--> PS- go team JACOB!) Who knew Greenville was so cute!?
Greenville. SC
Greenville, SCGreenville. SC

Hmm... During this mini-trip~ Marina and I visited 2 yarn shops - 1 was in Chapel hill, NC and the other was Hillsborough, NC~ both were soo cute~ but I was sticking to my STOP buying yarn policy~ and I don't know how I survived! (I have purchase yarn since... but I'll tell you about that later)... All I got was an Interweave Knits magazine and a size 4- 47" Addi Lace needle~ shocking I know~

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