Friday, July 9, 2010

Way back in May...

So... I'm going through my Flickr account and looking through my photos... realizing I never posted any of it here... so the next few posts will be my attempt to catch you up on my life... in photos~~

May... in Portland... my buddies and I visited the Japanese Garden after class one day... we paid like $8 each (with our student discount)... and it was an amazing evening~ really so beautiful!

Immediately following my "weekend" in Portland... I flew back into NY... only to fly out the same day... to Guatemala- to provide Acupuncture and other medical services to the Locals- living in the Mountain villages outside Antigua. We worked in some of the Best and Worst conditions I've ever visited in Central America. I personally had the opportunity to treat over 120 patients in the course of 24 hours of direct service. It was exhausting, but beyond rewarding~ we left Guatemala city- just before the Sink Hole occurred~


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