Tuesday, December 16, 2008

its Snowing!

its snowing!!... how exciting!! (only because I don't have anywhere I have to be at a specific time... and such)... but YAY!!

You are all going to be soo proud of me... I was all set up and ready to sign up for the Socks that Rock club for next year... but I resisted... me resist yarn~ a whole Years worth of yarn... from a sock club~ I must be growing up~

Ok... so... I've been wanting to share... how deeply deeply I am in love with... this book~ The Best of Interweave Knits... I have made the... Lotus Blossom Tank and the Icarus Shawl... and most recently in process of making the Man's Brioche Vest for my dad... not only are the patterns within the pages awesome~ but the mini-lessons regarding the knitting Basics (casting-on/off, seaming, color work, lace work, etc,.) are sooo incredibly helpful! I know how to do a few cast-ons/offs and such~ but I'm not always so sure which method is the best for which projects... and this book explains it~ If your a knitter and you don't already own this book... I recommend it~

Today~ I sat in Barnes and Nobles...'studying' for my exams~ but I can only stare at my textbooks for so long... Today I was distracted by... Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah... I read it cover to cover... it was quite good.. and made me cry a few times~ so I picked up... her auto-biography...Falling Leaves... gonna make Mina read it first... because I don't have time... you know... with the studying and all~

Union Square Market on Saturday~ there was sooo many people there... all my pictures were of peoples backs... except when I got to the yarn stand... somehow the crowds cleared~ and I was able to get a crowdless photo... that is till the all swarmed in again~
Union SquareUnion Square Catskill yarnUnion Square Catskill yarnUnion Square Catskill yarn
Man's Brioche Vest- for my dad's christmas gift~
Brioche VestBrioche VestBrioche VestBrioche Vest

as usual... my socks take way longer to complete a pair than expected~ this is the 2nd sock... moving along very slowly~
Pomatomus on the NJ transit

Wisteria Scarf (aka Smooshy Scarf)
I started this last night on a whim~ hopefully it will get done in time for christmas~
Wisteria Scarf

Yarn buys:
Wollmeise: This update was fast and scary!! I thought I was going to end up with nothing... but... I got a few in the end... I'm soo in love with all the colors here~ (Am kalter Polar (left 2), Suzanne (middle 1), and Blue Suzanne (right 2)
Sundara Seasons Yarn Club~
This is her fingering Silky merino... from the Winter collection of her Seasons yarn club... no clue what to do with it~
The Life Aquatic- Sundara Fingering Silky Merino

Food... from last Thursday Nights Knitting meeting
Panera Chai Latte

for Geana...
p.s- I recommend purchasing a gift cert to Eat. Sleep. knit for me~ k?


Lupie said...

Yes it did snow and I better get out there and start cleaning off the car!
I have The Best of Interweave knit and it is a great book.
Love the scarf must check it out. The socks are great as always. Yarn to die for! And the drink makes me miss my knitting group!!!!

pepper said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Ok, memo to self, Union Square Market=cool.
Awesome vest, great gift.
I've had half a sock hibernating for quite a bit now so you're definately going faster than me:)
I love that scarf's color and it looks super soft.
That yarn is mindblowingly beautiful. Those colors are right up my alley!
Have a happy new years!