Monday, December 1, 2008

post turkey recovery~

Thanksgiving this year... was a bit more stressful than years past... because of the whole cooking factor... but I think it turned out ok... nobody got sick (I don't think)... and for the most part the stuff tasted ok~ (I over brined the turkey legs~)Here is a picture of most of the spread (we added a few things to the table after the photo) but you get the gist of it...
I totally did not work on Desserts at all... leave it to my family to bring more than enough (we have like 3 pies in the fridge still)... but here was the cutest addition...
the Turkey Cake brought by my aunt... its Carvel...with the yummy crunchies in the middle- yay!
In preparation for the massive amounts of cooking leading up to Thanksgiving... my mother thought it would be fun to have guests over the Sunday before... and here is a photo of that dinner
All this cooking hasn't left much time for knitting- Yesterday was the 1st line I knit in about a week! (beginning to worry about Christmas Gifts)... but that doesn't mean there wasn't time to shop...
Wollmeise (again- yes I have been getting lucky these past 2 updates)
Wolllmeise: 11/14 update

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Lupie said...

Awesome music, picture, food and yarn! What more can one ask of a blog!!!!!
Going back to listen to more music!