Wednesday, November 19, 2008

its cold~

Thanksgiving is around the corner... and normally this would mean going to the Wine Library to pick out wine~ and looking forward to eating~ but this year... my mother insists we cook Thanksgiving at home... Instead of having it catered like we normally do~ Seeing as how my older sister...offered to help me cook... but then bailed to say she was going to eat at her mother-in-laws house... and my younger sister doesn't cook~ and my mom will be working full time leading up to Thanksgiving Day... that leaves me~ perhaps I should give my doctor buddies a heads up~ (just in case the dinner ends up not sitting well?)
On the knitting front... I haven't done much~ been busy studying for finals... and such~ Tho I have completed my 1st 2 real de-stashes this past week~ (meaning I sold off 2 skeins of yarn from my stash~)... I was feeling quite brave~

Congrats to Jasmine and Jin Young Oppa~ (they got married last weekend)...


Lupie said...

The wedding looked like fun. Such a beautiful place!

pegi said...

What a beautiful wedding! The doggies are adorable, too! We've been having rainy/snowy showers and the temperature keeps going up and down! I'm sniffling, too, but I refuse to get sick!!!