Sunday, November 2, 2008

still sickly~

yup... as the title reads... i'm still sickly!~ so I haven't been doing much~ besides being sick~~
Yunnan Bai Yao powder is amazing... today~ my aunt accidentally lopped off a chunk of skin from my grandmothers finger (don't ask)~ ... Granny~ being on blood thinners for YEARS... wouldn't stop bleeding~ and who knew fingers could bleed so much? I finally remembered I had some Yunnan Bai Yao~ we scooped a bit out... and coated my grandmothers finger in the powder and the bleeding stopped within was amazing! TCM never stops amazing me~~ thats why I love it so~~

I haven't been knitting much... on account of being ill... (so ill I haven't even been knitting.... it has been that bad!)... but here are all my finished objects (FO's) from the month of October... the Malabrigo Junkies (on Ravelry)... were having a knit along... to help motivate people finish some holiday knitting... it was also a mini-competition (with prizes)... so here were my entries:
Holiday Stockpile
nothing too complicated... the goal was to knit for others~ so what you see here are some Christmas gifts... I won't label whats what or for whom here... (thou its not really a secret)... it might look like a lot (its really not)... most the projects you see didn't take more than a day~

Being sick... left me at home... shopping~ so here is some eye candy...
from Posh Yarns... in the UK
posh packagePosh packagePosh Yarn- Miranda- Happily Ever AfterPosh Yarn- Miranda- Sublime
... from Butterfly Girl Designs on Etsy
DSC04543DSC04542Drop SpindleButterfly girl- Fiber- Blue Morpho
...and my absolute more favorite item... Pfefferminz Prinz Lace Weight Yarn from Wollmeise
...there is actually more Wollmeise... it just hasn't arrived yet~
so anyhow... I'm working on getting myself put back together and rejoin the social world soon~ I miss you guyz!

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Shikyobi said...

Still sick huh? Me too I actually caught a cold + cough last Friday. Cough is pretty bad kinda like that last one I had (remember?) and my nose is really stuffy. Ugh yet I still go to school, maybe I'll give everyone my disease.

Next topic, nice thing you knitted. I want it you should gimme it, or make me one.

At blog: Amazing as always yes you're exactly right.