Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HURRAY for Malabrigo LOVE~

So after a month of being sick... and trying to figure out what to do about my Grandmother (she fell the other week...and hasn't gotten up since...*worry*)... and a 3rd visit to a doctor (not really my doctor just a buddy who is a doctor)... who prescribed me hardcore meds for my cough~ I came home to find this on my doorstep...
Malabrigo Swap #4
It was my package from Laurie aka TruMom of the Malabrigo Swap Group on Ravelry I can't even begin to describe how I love it so~~~ I think it is the most thoughtful and generous swap package I've ever received~
Malabrigo Swap #4
so here are the details...
Malabrigo Swap #4Malabrigo Swap #4
1st thing I opened was the cute little project bag (which... I love...especially since its my 1st one~)... I've always just used ziplock baggies... but now I have this really cute bag to put my WIP's in (i'm seriously excited about this... you have no IDEA!)... but to add to the awesomeness that is the bag... it was stuffed with goodies!!... from left to right... it had... a little package of stitch markers from Spindle Cat Studio made of Copper and Czech Glass (the colors are called Grape Trio~)... then there was a package of Upcycled Cork Stitch stoppers from auroramae on Etsy! OMG! so perfect!! I'm forever dropping stitches off my needles when I throw my projects in my zip lock bag~ and I love the fact that they are recycled cork stoppers from wine bottles~ A package of Mulling Spices from Williams-sonoma... which I popped open and am beyond tempted to brew up...but I'm going to try to wait... I've been volunteered to cook Thanksgiving Dinner...I want to save them for then!... I love mulled anything... yumm~ I think I will mull wine! Then there was a package of super cute elephant candles and incense~ I don't know how she knew but my family has a slight candle obsession~ it has something to do with the fact that everyone is my family is very sensitive to odors... and we live with a dog~ its perfect!...
This came next...
Malabrigo Swap #4Malabrigo Swap #4
a knit bag for Wine! which held something... dare I say it... better than WINE? MALABRIGO SOCK YARN!!! the color is Impressionist Sky.... its sooo prefect... and sofe... and lovely~ I just finished my 1st sock using Malabrigo Sock yarn the other day (which I will post up a bit further down)... but the stuff... is delightful!! and the color... oh my... I could go on forever!~...
Then... next came... the MALABRIGO.... (ooooooohh~~)...
Malabrigo Swap #4
4 skeins of worsted in Azul Bolita.... totally enough to make the Briar Rose or the Juliet... which patterns she also sent me... already cozy in their plastic protectors (you have no idea how beat up my patterns get!)!!! I loveeee these patterns~~ I've been waiting to buy them off my queue~ till I had a moment of sanity~ when I can actually sit down and knit for myself *cough**cough* It will happen!! one day *sigh*
Malabrigo Swap #4
I'm totally in love with my Package... the Wine theme was sooo perfect... I loooove wine... and... love Mal~~ yay this totally made my week! Thank you sooo much Laurie! You ROCK!

Nearly FO:...
finished a sock... using malabrigo Sock yarn... Indiecita... which is.... its lovely lovely yarn~ and the Pattern is... Cookie A.'s Pomatomus... the Foot part looks obnoxiously long however... it fits my size 6 foot~ (and its not too big!)

On Halloween Day... Wollmeise had an update... which was super-intense... it was all over in like less than 20 mins (its hard to pick yarn, put it in cart, and check out in 20 mins!)... in which I scored! WOOHOO! it was crazy because the server kept crashing and such~ and I was sure I got nothing~ but in the end I did get a few that I wanted... I've already 'de-stashed' 3 skeins~ I'm debating a 4th~ but still it was a very exciting yarn buy~
DSC04568Wollmeise Update 10/31
left to right...(all wollmeise)
80/20 Twin- Tiefer See
80/20 Twin- Versuchskaninchen 1 (destashed)
100% Versuchskaninchen 1
100% Poison No. 5
100% Baba Yaga (destashed)
2 skeins of Lace (Garn)- in the Baba Yaga Colorway (destashed 1)


LenaL said...

Oh, what a lot of lovely yarn! Looks forward to see what you will do with it. The sock looks just great!

See you soon again!

Lupie said...

So much yarn not enough time!
Your are so lucky to get all those beautiful things it must have made you feel better.

Michelle said...

OHH lucky you Wollmiese! YOur swap package looks awesome too!