Monday, March 16, 2009

contemplating a contest?

hello all~... so I've just realized that the end of this month... the 31st to be exact... will be my Blogiversary..... and I'm thinking I might want to have a contest... you know the usual sort... leave a comment and a random # generator will pick a number and that person will win a prize?~ I'm just not sure what I want to put up as a prize yet (if you have any special requests... you can leave it in the comments... I'm really thinking that I might want to give away yarn from my stash~ or a hand knit prize if your a non-knitter?)... till then~ I will be thinking about it~~... just a heads up~

What I've been working on...

Pattern: technically speaking... I think its my own~ its just the gull lace pattern knit as a tube with a thumb thrown in for good measure~
Yarn: Morehouse Merino 3 ply
Needles: Empress DPN's size 7
no really, its just the gull lace pattern (same lace as the February lady sweater) knit in a tube... with garter at each end... and a thumb picked up along the way~
It took me 10 days to knit... not literally... just... i started it... and i knit a little bit on it every other day or so~

Pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Yarn: Morehouse Merino 3 ply (none of the yarn I bought- like 8 skeins- was labeled with a color... but I think its Rosebud?)
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony Options Size 8,9,10, Empress DPN's size 7
I knit the body with Size 8- Cast off with size 10; knit the arms with Size 7, cast off with size 9. The pattern is a modification of an Elizabeth Zimmerman February baby sweater- its really easy to knit... top down, seamless raglan~ but the sizing on the pattern does run large (as everyone who has knit this before me... have come to realize) so I knit the Medium size and it fits just fine~
the Yarn is really soft and nice to work with- it is like roving so it pulls apart quite easily- but this wasn't a problem while knitting... the knitted fabric seems just fine (noodles and I had many a tug-o-war sessions with the sweater!... and it survived)... it also has a good amount of vegetable matter- but again... not a big deal~ just pick them out as you work~ I bought the yarn at Brooklyn general- in January during their sale (I paid like less than $8 a skein)... so it was definitely a good value~ I would use their yarn again~

Pattern: Pocketbook Slippers by Lisa Vienneau & Allison Barrett modifications by: Miss Twiss
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky- Verdes
Needles: Knit Picks Options Size 6
Notes: I knit the slippers basically as per Miss Twiss's modifications~
because I used a chunky gauge yarn I went down a needle size... CO 2sts... increased to 4~ and the strap was also knit across 4sts. I increased to a total of 36 as opposed to the 44 called for... it did produce a smaller size... which works well for my grandmother and my e-moh's feet (they wear like a size 5 women's.) These slippers are very cute, and a quick knit~ I'm fairly certain I will have to knit these until they come out of my ears this year~

and here is some Yarn 'pron'... I'm trying to cut back on my yarn buying and just knit from stash... I KNOW~~ me... yarn DIET? only because I want to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and my stash has expanded quite a bit this past year... Yarn Diet is HARD!! It helps that I'm in quite a few (will not state exactly how many at the moment)... yarn clubs... here is the kit I received most recently... from Woolgirl ... it is the February Kit from the Sock Club
Wool Girl Sock Club- Feb Shipment
see the shiny black pen in the photo? it says... Queen of Knitting... yes, yes it does~

and others...
DSC00843DSC00841DSC00840DSC00838MamaBlue- Trioka Sock- JuniperWool Girl Sock Club- Feb Shipment


A.Co said...

Wow the FOs look great! I especially love the gloves! How creative!!

Megan said...

I love the slippers. The color works well with the pattern.

Lupie said...

I have never seen mitts using that pattern. I think that it is all yours. You should call them February Mitts.