Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It snowed!

IT snowed!!! the most its snowed this winter I think~~ it was quite a bit~ luckily I didn't have to shovel... thats what Cousins who get driven about are for!! (poor SAM!)

Noodles... loves snow... like LOOOVES snow... she bounced out the front door at her 1st opportunity~ and didn't want to come back in... we had to bribe her with treats~ (when don't we bribe her!! its a good thing I don't have to worry about her growing up and living on her own and such~ she wouldn't be very successful- the way we are raising her!)
Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!
She came back in... her legs and her belly were snow encrusted... she was dripping mini-snowballs all over the house... so we cornered her in the bathroom and defrosted her with the blow dryer... it took...forever!!
Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!Noodles LOVES snow!!

On the knitting front... I got me a new knitting bag...YAY!
it is the Namaste- Zuma in the Peacock colorway... everyone wants to know why I'm carrying a bowling bag... but its ok... it fits in sooo much STUFF~ its amazing~
Namaste- Zuma- Peacock
Namaste- Zuma- Peacock

February Lady Sweater
I had wanted to finish my February Lady Sweater in February... but it didn't happen~ I'm working on the 2nd sleeve now~

I did officially finish my Om Shanti Socks... which are the 1st socks of the Socktopus Sock CLub for this year~ very fun fast knit~
Om Shanti Socks
Pattern: Om Shanti bed socks by Alice Yu
Yarn: Chameleon Colorworks- Evolution in Peppermint Cheer
Needles: Knit Picks Nickle DPN's in Size 2 and 3.
Notes: really fast fun knit... the socks are soooo soft and cozy~
These are my 1st toe up socks... 1st provisional crochet cast on...my 1st cool braid-y thing~ and 1st sew cast-off~ The yarn is really interesting... its 100% merino... that has been pulled/thinned to the same microns as cashmere~ it shiny and feels amazing~ The pattern is well written and easy to memorize and follow~ oooh and I should mention... they did GROW quite a bit after washing... so much that they did begin to scare me... but all is well.. they still fit just fine~~

Other shopping news... I signed up for the Woolgirl Oz Sock Club... as if I need another sock club! but this is what sold me on it... the Glinda Sock Kit
Woolgirl- Glinda Sock Kit
in a word... its... amazing~


HANNAH(: said...

LOL "Wont be successful the way we raised her"
More like how my grandmother feeds her ! xP

haha ;D


Allison Cohen said...

Your dog is adorable! And that sock kit looks amazing!!!

Suzie Weasley said...

Wool girl is awesome! (Damn you for introducing me to the site)

Lupie said...

Noodles is so sweet!!!!
Oh my! The bag is just beautiful!

Solar said...

I'm coming for a visit this May. Ready for me?

Fran said...

Noodles is so cute! I love the bag-it's gorgeous!!