Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dear BSA swap Partner/buddy person~

hi! Thanks for checking my blog as part of the stalking process~ As i'm working on stalking my swappee~ I've discovered that maybe my answers to the questionaire, or forum questions might not be very helpful. So~ here is a little bit more about my preferences?...
I really like soft, smooshy, non-pilling yarn~ I don't have a specific knitting love... though I do knit socks and sweaters and scarves and such~ I'm not particularly fond of hats- as they don't look good on me~ I tend to like soft colors and avoid dramatic colors especially very colorful varigated type yarns~ I like pink, blues and greens, I've actually never really liked purple- although I have been purchasing purple yarn (I didn't even realize till I reviewed my stash)... Baby pastel type colors are cool- especially since I finally know a baby I can knit for (somehow I know nearly no babies at the moment)... I don't like fall colors in general- at least not right now- I'll probably feel differently in the fall~ I like deep cranberry/wine colors but those burnt oranges/golds are not my cup of tea. Which brings me to... I drink both coffee and tea... I love Hazelnut anything and... On a recent trip to China I was introduced to Pu-erh~ Its my new love~ oh and don't forget my love of wine~
I'm forever losing stitch markers and yarn needles (I've lost my last yarn needle just this week) and lent my tape measure to someone at SnB- but I can't remember who~ My favorite yarn brands are sold at: Eat Sleep Knit~I'm a fan of just about every brand she carries~ I use to SOAK to wash my knits- Currently Aquae is the flavor of the month~ I don't own a needle organizer or knitting bag~
I'm kinda all around eclectic and somewhat random~ anything and everything you grace my way~ I'll love! Thanks for looking/reading! <3, t

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