Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last sunday... err ok maybe not last sunday~ the sunday before (wow time flies!)...I cooked dinner for my family... we had steak with mushrooms and onions (Steamed on the grill), salad, corn... etc~ I really like condimens... can you tell?

Then I headed down to Virginia to help Geana look after the kids... so to keep them occupied, we baked a bit.. these are sugar cookies, shaped and designed by jonathan and andrew... the frosting was soo thick- it was hard to actually draw things~ but they didn't seem to mind.. and of course they really loved the extra sugar~

This past Sunday was our graduation ceremony, even tho I finished school back in April, the school holds 1 ceremony a year~ Sam and my mom ended up playing with the camera during the ceremony, and killed the camera battery~ which I think accounts for why these pictures look so funky~

and here is a picture of my latest work in progress... it is the Icarus Shawl, which I'm knitting as part of the Ravelympics~ (to answer Geana's question, I take pictures of my yarn and work in progress and stuff on my keyboard because its convenient! I take the photo, and then just attach my camera... move the photo..etc, etc~ get it?

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Nelson said...

oooo congrats on the ceremony? HAHA...you never did tell me how that meeting went.