Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...odds and ends~

This post... is a bunch of random odds and ends~ pictures I've finally uploaded and such~
Dorney Park:
Here are two video's I took way back over the summer on our trip to Dorney Park... This is the newest roller coaster in the park... and of course I've forgotten its name~ Sam, Daniel and Hannah rode it... while Mina and I were being old foogie's~ actually I had the beginnings of a massive headache and mina is just aging before her years~

Another picture from over the Summer... here is Andrew playing Rock Band... and yes He does have a mullet in this photo... Geana thought he looked cute with it~ as for me... I was going to take him to get a mohawk... but ended up not having enough time before they headed back home~ Oh well... one day when he gets older and has a girlfriend... I'll be sure to whip it out~

Visiting with Sam
Here is a picture with Sam and one of his roomie's~ I took several pictures of them.. and each picture.. one of them is being dysfunctional (not on purpose either!)

Random night I met up with Kev (YesIKSedYou- maplestory Bera)... and had coffee~ Hi kev~

Next... my mother likes to think up new forms of child abuse... her most recent... was dinner for several of our employee's~ But of course she couldn't serve the usual Korean food... no... instead she insisted I cook~ so I did the old fall back... steak... lasagna... and lots of veggies~
Then after dinner... Mr Park +family, Tommy and my mother got their groove on~ singing Karaoke~

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